Magpie Mine - an ancient lead mine and agents cottage, now used as the PDMHS field centre.

Back-Issues of Mining History

A number of back-issues of Mining History are available for purchase from the Mining Museum. You can also view an Index to Past Bulletins.

Webmaster's note:

We're in the process of migrating the links for the pdf downloads to the relevant index for each Bulletin - so if you don't see what you're looking for in the list below, try looking through the Index to Past Bulletins.

The index below is a list of scanned bulletin articles from older editions of the Bulletin (later Mining History) plus a few from other sources. The list of available articles will continue to grow as time and resources permit, so please revisit this page from time to time. Each item links to the scanned bulletin article in Adobe pdf format. If you do not have Adobe pdf Reader installed on your computer, you can download it for free by clicking on the logo below and following the instructions.

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Get Adobe Reader

It needs to be pointed out to down-loaders of these articles that the contents are often many years old. Opinions may have changed, new facts may have been discovered, but these articles provide an excellent introduction to the history of both the Derbyshire Mines and also mines elsewhere in the UK and abroad.


PDMHS Bulletin (Mining History) Web Edition.

These articles have been written by some 150 different authors. Whilst the Society retains the copyright to the printed Bulletin, the copyright of the text is retained by the author. This notice has been framed in an attempt to obtain permission to reproduce from the authors of these, and other, articles in the Bulletin. Should authors feel that they do not wish their work to appear in scanned and downloadable format on the PDMHS website would they please inform the Webmaster, who will then remove the article.

Mining History - Volume 11, No.2, 1990 Mining History - Volume 13, No. 1, 1996

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