Magpie Mine - an ancient lead mine and agents cottage, now used as the PDMHS field centre.

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Index to "Mining History" - Volume 10

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Volume 10 Number 1 - Summer 1987

Volume 10 Number 2 - Winter 1987

Volume 10 Number 3 - Summer 1988

Volume 10 Number 4 - Winter 1987

This Edition of the Bulletin comprises the Papers presented at the First International Mining Law History Conference held at the Peak District Mining Museum on the 28th. And 29th. Of May 1988, to celebrate the 700th. Anniversary of the Quo Warrento or Inquisition of Ashbourne, held in 1288.

Volume 10 Number 5 - Summer 1989

Volume 10 Number 6 - Winter 1989


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Mining History - Volume 10 - Number 4

Mining History - Volume 10 - Number 4

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