Magpie Mine - an ancient lead mine and agents cottage, now used as the PDMHS field centre.

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"Mining History" Volume 13 Number 1 - Summer 1996

"Mining History" Volume 13 Number 2 - Winter 1996

The Archaeology of Mining and Metallurgy in South-West Britain. Papers presented at the conference held at Seale-Hayne College, Newton Abbot, Devon, on the 12th. to 14th. April, 1996, organised jointly by the Peak District Mines Historical Society and the Historical Metallurgy Society. Conference Organiser and Editor: Philip Newman.

"Mining History" Volume 13 Number 3 - Summer 1997

  • Roman Mining at Rio Tinto, Huelva, Spain. Appendix: The 1981 Archaeological Survey at Rio Tinto -- Lynn Willies
  • The Origins of the Peak District Mines Historical Society. Dedicated to the Memory of Michael Eric Smith (1941-96) -- J.H. Rieuwerts
  • Michael Eric Smith (1941 to 1996) Reminiscences of a Friendship -- W.A.S. Sarjeant
  • The Search for the Coalbrookdale Coalfield's last Horse Gin -- Ivor J. Brown
  • Low Technology Zinc Mining in the South West of China -- Paul Craddock
  • Mystery Photograph
  • Surface Remains of the New Venture Lead Mine, Bradwell Moor, Derbyshire -- Chris Heathcote
  • The Connection of James Hall's Over Engine Mine to Peak and Speedwell Cavern -- D.A. Nixon and D. Warriner
  • Sir John Gell and the Derbyshire Lead Industry during the Civil War -- R. Slack
  • Pyrite Mining and Sulphur Production at Xingwen, China -- Tony Waltham

"Mining History" Volume 13 Number 4 - Winter 1997

"Mining History" Volume 13 Number 5 - Summer 1998

"Mining History" Volume 13 Number 6 - Winter 1998


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Mining History - Volume 13 No. 1 - 1996

Mining History - Volume 13 No. 1 - 1996

Mining History - Volume 13 No. 6 - 1998

Mining History - Volume 13 No. 6 - 1998

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