Magpie Mine - an ancient lead mine and agents cottage, now used as the PDMHS field centre.

Aerial Photographs of Magpie Mine, Sheldon, Derbyshire

The lead mining remains of Magpie Mine, near Bakewell, Derbyshire, dominate the skyline close to the White Peak village of Sheldon.

Shown below is a series of images taken in 2008 which puts a new and interesting perspective on Magpie Mine and its environs. These aerial photographs show clearly both the layout of the site and its sheer size and scale, as well as emphasising the important hillocks and features in the surrounding fields.

Using the technique of Kite Aerial Photography, the photographs were taken by (and are copyrighted to) Peter Neville, a member of the Peak District Mines Historical Society. If you are interested in using or purchasing any of these images, or would like to discuss an aerial photography project, please refer to the website above.

All photographs in this gallery © Peter Neville, 2008.

Aerial photograph of Magpie Mine, Sheldon
Aerial photograph of Magpie Mine, Sheldon
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