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Silence Mine, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire

An overview of Silence Mine

The Society's Conservation Group have been working at High Rake for the last 8 years, and during this time have been in increasing contact with the local community. As the High Rake project came towards its finish, we, the Conservation Group, were approached by the Great Hucklow, Grindlow and Foolow residents regarding the mining remains at Silence Mine.

A brief history of Silence Mine

Silence Mine and other nearby mines were originally commenced about 1685 when it was first realised that Hucklow Edge Vein (the same vein worked at High Rake Mine) continued below the shale outcrop east of Great Hucklow village. The course of the vein was determined by a series of shale-gates driven northwardly under Eyam Edge from the lower ground of the limestone outcrop alongside the Foolow to Eyam road. Sometime in the latter part of the 19th century the mine was re-opened by the Milldam Mining Company. The company equipped the mine with a steam engine, probably used both for pumping and winding. Details of the engine are missing and we only have a sketch plan from the Derbyshire Records Office to provide us with an idea of the layout of the site. As part of the Silence Heritage Site project the Society has agreed to carry out an archaeological excavation of the site and to conserve what remains of the buildings.

As part of our work, we intend to keep a record of our progress on the Silence Mine project using this web-site.

There will soon be more information and photographs of the Silence Mine Conservation Project, plus the "Silence Mine Working Diary" on this website, so please revisit this page soon.

Links and further information regarding Silence Mine

More relevant links will be added as they become available, but for starters here is a link to some useful field notes on Silence Mine by the late Nellie Kirkham that give some background details about the site.

Written by members of the digging team, there is now an on-line working diary about the Silence Mine project..

Here is a link to an article by Nellie Kirkham in Derbyshire Miscellany Volume 2 Part 12 pp445-455 (October 1964) - Silence Mine by Nellie Kirkham.

Here is a link to a newspaper article from September 1878 concerning Silence Mine.

The Peak District National Park Authority's website records the story of the acquisition of the Silence Mine site.

The Silence Heritage Site website gives details of the arachaeology, wildlife, access and management plan as well as other useful information.

Revealing the 'coal store' at Silence Mine in July 2008

Revealing the 'coal store' at Silence Mine in July 2008
Photo © D Williams

Some of the Silence Mine team taking a break from their archaeological excavations

Some of the Silence Mine team taking a break from their archaeological excavations
Photo © D Williams

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